ABOUT Synature
Company Profile
Founded in 1999, in USA by computer engineers named “Powerful Network” to drive our E-commerce business.
In 2001, “Synature Group” was founded in Thailand providing network solution service for retail business. We are technically well-prepared in terms of know-how and service for hardware and software. Since 2003, we have developed our own POS system under the name of pRoMiSe System.
In 2006, “Synature Technology” was founded under “Synature Group” to serve the business expansion in sales and after-sales service, emphasizing clients’ need and satisfaction as our No.1 priority.
In 2007, “Synature Technology” was a member of The Association of Thai Software Industry and joined “Buy Thai First” to promote Thai to use Thai software. pRoMiSe Restaurant has been certified; and approved with the logo “Thailand S/W yes”. Now, we are also a member of Federal Thai Industries and Thai Software Export Promotion Association.
With the outstanding software solution adopted from new technology like Web-Based technology, .NET application, MySQL database, and Android OS plus technical support for 7 days a week, nowadays hundred thousands of sales transactions have been issued daily via our systems from 4,000 outlets across Thailand and 300 outlets in 9 countries. We are proud to be Synature!

With 12-year experience focusing on software for restaurants, pRoMiSe Restaurant has been created as the user-friendly software solution; of which its uniqueness has been widely spread from one customer to the others and made it well-known in F&B industry and restaurant business through over 4,000 outlets from over 900 business entities in 9 countries.
pRoMiSe Restaurant is the satisfactory answer from small business with only one PC terminal up to the professional enhancing business with multi terminals by means of Order Station and Front Cashier Station; as our software can be configured to match the specific need to align with the customers’ business growth.
Key point of its success is to help reduce user errors by developing the automatically back-up and data sending and synchronizing to the HQ system right after the user do the function of closing day. The tablet ordering system will also automatically update data with Back Office and Front-End system when open the application.
Customers can be impressed with the modern Native Android application for iOrder and Self-Ordering and digital queuing with signage application on Android box connected to LCD monitor via HDMI port.
Unlike most of POS software in Thailand, our software is adopted the great benefit of Web-Based technology to build Back Office System that seamlessly integrates with the other Front-End applications and peripherals such as handheld for counting stock, weigh machine for specific type of menu that sells by weight with fixed price per weight, and slip printer for order printing in kitchen and receipt at cashier terminal.
With the design to support multi-languages, our software solutions can be adapted to use in other countries with different language characters such as English, Chinese, and Japanese as long as Windows OS is supported. 
Reliable technical support via after sales service for 7 days a week is meaningful as the core of our success. We have implemented the Incidence Management System for customers to track and trace their tickets via help desk team, which helps customers update the status of their incidence, problem, or inquiry from our system anywhere at any time via online Web-Browser.

Nowadays, there are hundred thousand of restaurants in Thailand, and the number is increasing every year because of the opening of new Department Stores and Community Malls. Moreover number of tourists is dramatically increasing and the opening of AEC makes the restaurant business become more attractive to the new entrepreneurs across the region. This, hence, brings the big potential for pRoMiSe Restaurant to fit the need of finding reliable and proven solutions for new and expanding restaurant business into other countries in AEC.
We have, for years, participated in exhibitions such as Food & Hotel Thailand (FHT) and Thailand Retail, Food & Hospitality Services (TRAFS) to keep our current customers reminding that we are still active in business and to update the new technology or new function/feature of our solutions. Furthermore we have joined the overseas event fairs like in Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Japan with the Associations that we are the member or under the supporting units of Government such as the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization), and Software Park Thailand.
With 12 years of continuously development, our software solutions can support multi languages and flexible configuration to meet most specific demands for each type of restaurant. Currently, our solutions has been trusted and installed in 9 countries more than 4,000 outlets from over 900 business entities using our solutions to manage hundred thousands of transactions for every day in their restaurants.
We do hope that pRoMiSe Restaurant can be officially certified somehow by the unit of government and recommended to local and overseas Thai and international restaurants to utilize the Thai tailor made software solutions for the mutual benefits of the restaurant’s owners, staffs, suppliers, and Thai IT companies as the drive for more exportation of Thai products and services.

In the past 12 years, we’ve designed and developed our software solutions with the reliable technology at the affordable cost. For Example, we have used MySQL database, the free database but more reliable than file-base. We are the 1st POS software in Thailand which uses Web-Based Technology for the Back Office System to allow our customers to manage and view the sales report anywhere anytime via web browser. To ensure the speed and reliable connectivity with POS peripherals, we’ve decided to use .NET application for Front-End System and Native application for Android Ordering System.
As earlier mentioned, the key quality point of pRoMiSe Restaurant’s success is to help reduce user errors. For the smooth Android application connected with database at server, SQLite is selectively applied for each tablet. Then the application can be synchronized with the database server only when orders are submitted and/or new database is updated at server.
Nowadays, with the requirement of the new technology and different platforms combined with the need of connectivity of several peripherals, we’ve adopted the web-service and Jason technology to meet such a requirement. We have experienced the integration of our pRoMiSe Restaurant with ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamic AX, and local ERP in Thailand such as Mac4 and Mac5. Moreover, we currently start integrating our software with Property Management System (PMS) of Singapore for using our restaurant software in the Hotel’s restaurants.
Since our software is considered Point of Sale system, of which the reliability and precise in terms of system and data are very crucial. We consequently have decided to join the quality program of Thailand Quality Software (TQS), which is lately developed to be ISO/IEC 29110 Software Engineering Lifecycle. Following this standard, we nowadays keep developing our software for customization and version control of each new version.
We’ll launch the new functions/features to see executive summary report and notification on smart phone. Key customers can get the standard API to access our database and get the needed data for their own query/report.   
pRoMiSe Restaurant is recognized as the quality and customer-oriented software solution for the restaurant business.